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After Purchase#

When the purchase is completed and you Aquire Checkout Information, a shipping object will be included in the response. This object will provide information about the selected delivery. The JSON structure for this information might differ for different providers. See how they differ for different TMS providers below.

Unifaun DeliveryCheckout#

When the customer has selected a delivery method and completes the purchase, Walley Checkout will create a prepared shipment at Unifaun that is not yet activated. When we do this we get a prepareId from Unifaun that we will hand over to you. This id is provided when you Aquire Checkout Information under

When the package is ready to be delivered, you need to activate the delivery by sending a request to Unifaun with this prepareId. See Unifaun's documentation how to activate the prepared shipment.

For Unifaun DeliveryCheckout, there will be three scenarios that can occur for the checkout session:

  1. We successfully received delivery methods and successfully created a prepared shipment.
  2. We successfully received delivery methods but failed to create the prepared shipment.
  3. We failed to receive delivery methods and have not been able to create a prepared shipment.
Please note

For scenario 2, the pendingShipment will not have an id (id=null). The rest of the information will be provided though, so you will be able to see where the customer inteds to get his/hers packages delivered (carrier and servicePoint).

For scenario 3, the shipping object will not exist which is a signal that you must handle this manually and create a shipment for your customer based on the delivery address. Also note that the delivery will always be free of charge for the customer.

Below are examples of the JSON structure of the shipping object specific to Unifaun DeliveryCheckout for the three scenarios.

// Simplified Get Merchant Checkout Information response with focus on shipping and order object
"id": "9eec015f-4b97-44be-a711-d22f3af75069",
"data": {
"customer": {...},
"status": "PurchaseCompleted",
"order": {
"totalAmount": 319,
"items": [
"id": "11111",
"description": "Item one",
"unitPrice": 100,
"quantity": 1,
"vat": 25,
"sku": "Item one sku"
"id": "222222",
"description": "Item two",
"unitPrice": 200,
"quantity": 1,
"vat": 25,
"sku": "Item two sku"
"id": "Frakt",
"description": "DHL Ombud",
"unitPrice": 19,
"quantity": 1,
"vat": 25
"shipping": {
"provider": "Unifaun",
"carrierName": "DHL Ombud",
"carrierId": "6254453a-fc0c-414d-86b6-529c7f62d495",
"servicePointId": "SE-987200",
"shippingFee": 19,
"shippingFeeId": "Frakt",
"pendingShipment": {
"id": "637382736786478"
"error": null