Unifaun DeliveryCheckout

Our partner Unifaun is the market leader in delivery management solutions for ecommerce. Unifaun DeliveryCheckout, which is what powers Collector Checkout with delivery options, is a solution that enables the merchant to easily add new delivery options from Unifaun's extensive carrier library. The merchant can also easily configure business rules to handle for instance price levels for free delivery and ranking of delivery options.

How to get started 🚀

  1. Contact Collector Merchant Services merchant@collectorbank.se for help with setup in our test environment and for questions regarding integration with Collector Checkout.
  2. Create a Unifaun DeliveryCheckout configuration. Visit Unifaun to read more and contact Unifaun for questions regaring prices, configuration etc.
  3. Provide Collector Merchant Services with the Unifaun api-credentials Id and Secret Id as well as the Delivery Checkout Id. Once a DeliveryCheckout configuration is in place and properly tested in the test environment, then you are good to go.