Swish #

With Swish enabled, your customer can easily perform the payment in the Collector Checkout with their Swish app. Swish is only available for private customers in Sweden. When purchase is completed, the data.purchase.paymentName property in the Get Checkout Information response will inform you about the selected payment method.

How to get started 🚀#

  1. Read the sections below to be aware of how Swish differs from our traditional payment methods in the Checkout.
  2. Create a Swish account connected to your company. Turn to your providing bank for questions.
  3. Register Collector Bank as a Technical Supplier for your company's Swish account. This will allow us to initiate payments towards your account and also handle refunds. Our Technical Supplier number is 9874941066.
  4. Contact Merchant Services merchant@collectorbank.se and provide your Swish number.

Settlements and Accounting#

There are differences between our traditional payment methods in the Checkout compared to Swish. The money is transferred from your customer's bank account straight to your company's. Collector Bank only facilitates the payment as a Technical Supplier (see step 3 above). All Swish transactions that are made in the Collector Checkout are excluded from our accounting and will not be included in your settlement report. You as a Merchant must handle that accounting separately and the fees for using Swish will be charged with a separate invoice.


Collector can make a refund of a payment up to the original purchase amount (part or full refunds). Since we can refund up to the full amount of the original purchase, it is important that you do not refund purchases manually from your providing bank's interface. Such a refund will lead to unwanted errors if we try to make a refund at a later stage and the total refund amount exceeds the original payment amount minus any previous refunds. A refund can be made up to 13 months after the original payment occured.