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Create a new Invoice

This function will create a new invoice into the system and is intended for the Sales user role

To create a new invoice, simply click "New purchase" in the "Invoice" top menu.

1. Basic purchase info#

  1. Select the sales person in the drop down list "Salesperson:"
  2. Enter the customer's civic reg number
  3. Enter the total purchase amount (separate order rows are added in in the next step). When the desired purchase amount is entered, an info box will appear to the right of the input fields, showing the specifics of the purchase. This info changes depending on what invoice product is used, and the purchase amount.
  4. Enter the customer's cell phone number (country code required)
  5. Select the desired product* from the drop-down list
  6. Click "Check credit". If approved, the Portal will take you to the next step.

2. Add desired article rows#

  1. Enter the article information in the input fields. Required fields are marked with a red asterisk (*). To add another product/article line, simple click the "Add article line"-button. Make sure to enter all information carefully, since this will show on the customer's invoice The sum of the Unit price of each article row must not exceed the amount available, that is the amount entered in the first step (also shown in "Available credit amount"). If it does, you will be notified and cannot confirm the purchase until it's corrected
  2. Continue by choosing if the invoice is to be auto activated or not on purchase confirmation, by using the checkbox "Auto activate invoice". By default, this box is checked, since most in store purchases require the customer to receive the invoice directly at the time of the purchase
  3. If you want the customer to also receive an invoice by email, check the box "Invoice delivery via email?" (If available; email notifications depends on the agreement with Collector)
  4. Choose the date of purchase (today's date is default)
  5. Enter the order number and customer number (if applicable)
  6. To submit the purchase, click the "Make the purchase"-button. Confirm the purchase in the popup by pressing "Yes". Please note: It the invoice is not auto activated, an activation of the invoice is needed further on (please see chapter 6 for instructions how to activate an invoice)

3. Print the agreement#

When the purchase is confirmed, you will be redirected to the purchase confirmation page. The customer will need to sign a prefilled agreement.

  1. Print the agreements by pressing "Print agreement" The agreement will be printed in three copies: Collector's copy, merchant's copy and customer's copy. The customer will need to sign at least the two first ones. Make sure to check the customer identity, check the ID type on the agreement and fill out the ID number, and as a salesman, sign the agreement as well

  2. When the agreement is signed, print the invoice by pressing "Print invoice". If needed, you can quickly access the new invoice details by using the link named "Show invoice information".

*Product: The different invoice types available. The available listed products differ depending on the agreement you have with Collector. Standard, and most commonly used for in store purchases, is Direct Invoice. This creates an invoice immediately after the purchase confirmation, and can be handed to the customer straight away. There are several invoice types available in Collector's product range. Some of the invoice types below might only apply if agreed upon with Collector.

  • Direct invoice: Print the invoice directly in store and hand it to the customer.
  • Invoice: Collector will send this invoice during the next invoice printing period.
  • Credit account invoice: This purchase will be added to the customer’s ongoing Credit account. If a Credit account does not exist for the customer, one will be created. All purchases during one month will be collected on the Credit account and invoiced together the month after.
  • Interest free invoice: Collector will send an invoice with a part payment plan based on the agreed credit time, without interest.
  • Annuity: Collector will send an invoice with a part payment plan based on the agreed credit time with a static monthly amount (with interest).

Different Campaigns can be set up on the products, offering favorable terms and conditions. The Campaigns will show as separate choices in the Product drop down menu. An agreement with Collector is needed to use Campaigns.