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You use this function to replace order rows on an invoice that has not yet been activated. This gives you the option to remove or add order rows, as well as the option to change article number, description, quantity, price or VAT amount on a specific order row

To replace or adjust a pending invoice#

To make a replacement, press the button called “Replace invoice”. You will then be presented with a new view. Make the desired changes, and when done, press “Replace invoice” once more.

The pending invoice has now been updated and the new invoice with the updated order rows is ready to be activated.

Please note

The replace function replaces the entire invoice with the new information you submit. This means you need to submit all order rows you want to keep along with any new order rows, if your goal is to remove 1 out of 5 articles. The Portal will auto-submit the existing articles for you, to help you on your way.