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There are multiple ways to search for an order. The easiest way is using the quick search field in the top right, but you can also search with more advanced filters

Quick search#

Locate the search field in the top right. Here you can put in the exact Invoice number from anywhere within the Partner Portal and quickly find the invoice by pressing [ENTER]. The information about the invoice will appear in the middle of the page.

Searching invoices by order number#

If you want to find the invoice based on a specific order number, click "Invoice" in the top menu and type in the order number, alternatively select "Search invoice" in the "Invoice" top menu. After the criteria has been entered, search for the invoice either by pressing [ENTER] or click the "Search"-button shown to the right of the search bar. If the search results return anything, the information will now appear in a similar way when you used quick search.

Searching invoices by other criterias#

If you are looking for an invoice or order but don't have the specific invoice or order number, you can extend your search with more search parameters by clicking the "Advanced"-button, once navigated to the search page by selecting "Search invoice" in the "Invoice" top menu. This will give you a whole set of different search fields that you can combine to find the invoice or order you are looking for. Input the information in one or more field and press the "Search"-button to find the invoice or order you are looking for.