Get Invoice Information

This operation returns information about the specified invoice.


Fieldmin OccursnillableMaxTypeDescription
ClientIpAddress1false50stringThe IP address of the customer performing the purchase at the partner's web shop.
Password1false50stringThe password used to authorize the request.
Username1false50stringThe username used to authorize the request.
CorrelationId1true50stringCorrelationID is sent back in the response.
CountryCode1false2stringThe country code (ISO 3166-1 alpha-2) for country.
InvoiceNumber1true128stringThe invoice number of the invoice to get information for.
StoreId1true4shortThe StoreId used for identification of store.


Fieldmin OccursnillableMaxTypeDescription
Status1false-intStatus of the invoice. (See below.)

Invoice status

The invoice status type is an enumeration value. Defined values are:

  • On hold (0) - Collector has not yet approved the invoice.
  • Pending (1) - The invoice is approved by Collector and can be activated.
  • Activated (2) - The invoice is activated by partner. Collector has purchased the invoice.
  • Cancelled (3) - The invoice is cancelled and cannot be updated or activated.
  • Expired (4) - The invoice was not activated within the activation time.
  • Rejected (5) - The invoice is rejected by Collector.
  • Signing (6) - The invoice needs to be digitally signed by end customer before the invoice can be activated.
  • Strong Verification (7) - The invoice needs to be digitally signed by end customer before the invoice can be activated

Example Requests

Description:The operation fetchs detailed information about a specific invoice
<soapenv:Envelope xmlns:soapenv="" xmlns:pay="">

Error codes

Please see separate page Error Codes

Fault CodeDescription