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B2C Campaign - England#

Payment information in checkout#

[Logo] Buy now – pay later!

All purchases up to and including <CampaignUntilDate> made with this campaign give you extended payment time until the <DueDate>. A campaign fee of <DueDate>is added. To buy with Collector Bank you must be at least 18 years of age.

To see the full terms and conditions for Collector Bank's invoice see the links below:

General conditions for invoice and credit accounts Standardised European consumer credit information

Accept of agreement in checkout#

[Checkbox] I hereby confirm that I have read and accept Collectors general terms for invoice and account credit, Standard European Consumer Credit. I have also taken part of Collectors information of data protection.


<CampaignUntilDate> - The agreed campaign length, e.g. "31st of March 2017" <DueDate> - The agreed due date, e.g. "31st of April 2017" <DueDate> - The agreed origination fee, e.g. "29 SEK"


Collectors general terms for invoice and account credit<AgreementCode>/Credit_terms_All_<CountryCode>.pdf

Standard European Consumer Credit<AgreementCode>/SECCI_<CountryCode>.pdf

Collectors information of data protection

You’ll receive your specific AgreementCode from your Partner Integration Manager during the setup.