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B2B Collector Checkout - English#

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Collector Checkout#

In collaboration with Collector Bank AB, we offer payments with Collector Checkout. Collector Checkout gives you all the desired payment methods in one solution – choose between <AvailablePaymentMethods> (payment options may vary from time to time). Collector Checkout lets you decide your preferred payment method before confirming the purchase. Card payments are made seamlessly without leaving the page.

When selecting <CreditOptions>, you receive your goods before you pay. Due date can vary and is presented on the invoice sent to you. Delivery method and possible fees added is shown in the checkout before confirming the purchase.

In the event of delayed or missed payments, a penalty fee and penalty interest is charged.


<AvailablePaymentMethods> - Description of the available payment methods, e.g: ”card payment or invoice” ”card payment, invoice or part payment”. <CreditOptions> - Description of the available credit options, e.g: "invoice" "invoice or part payment"