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B2B Invoice - England#

Shop terms and conditions (information page)#

Collector's Invoice solution#

In collaboration with Collector Bank AB, we offer invoice and instalment payments. When you select Invoice as payment method, you receive your goods before you pay. <PaymentTermText>. An invoice fee of <InvoiceFee> SEK is added. If there's no payment or if the payment is late, a late fee of <DunningCharge> together with a late interest rate of <LateInterest> will be charged. To see the full terms and conditions for Collector's Invoice see the links below:

General conditions for invoice#


If you have paid the invoice but change your mind about the purchase you will receive a credit balance with Collector. For repayment of the credit we require contact and account details from you. We do not keep this information in conjunction with your payment. Send your details to or call +46 (0)10 - 161 01 00. You can also visit us at

Payment information in checkout#

[Logo] When you select Invoice as payment method, you receive your goods before you pay. Visit for more information.

Accept of agreement in checkout#

[Checkbox] I have read and accept Collector Bank's General Conditions For Invoice.


<PaymentTermText> - Description of the agreed payment terms: ”The invoice expires the last day of the month following your purchase, meaning you have up to 60 days to pay the invoice.” ”The invoice will expire in 30 days.” Which texts to use depends on your agreement with Collector Bank.

<InvoiceFee> - Optional invoice fee, e.g. "29 SEK“ <DunningCharge> - The agreed dunning charge, e.g. “50 kr” <LateInterest> - The agreed late interest rate, e.g. “2,5% per månad” Hyperlinks

General conditions for invoice<AgreementCode>/Credit_terms_All_Comp_<CountryCode>.pdf

You’ll receive your specific AgreementCode from your Partner Integration Manager during the setup.