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About Askås

For 20 years Askås have grown strong while still maintaining all the positive aspects of our original small scale. The foundation of our success is our powerful and versatile e-commerce platform that is constantly evolving and improving. Today many of Sweden's most successful online retailers have chosen to work with us. When you make the same choice you will receive a product that delivers quality, growth and a positive future. Askås integration with Collector makes it easy and efficient for retailers to take advantage of Collectors payment solutions

Versions supported

Walley checkout is integrated in the Askås platform version 8.10.4 and newer.

How to install module

Askås makes the configuration according to the customers needs and wishes

Customer types supported

TypeAvailable Countries

External payment methods

External Payment MethodsIs Available
Order functionality
Settlement via Collector


FunctionalityIs Available
Activate Invoice
Part Activate Invoice
Full returns
Part returns
Discounts after activation
Cancel Pending Invoices
Change Pending Invoices
Extend due date
View invoice in backend
Resend invoice by e-mail