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About Payer:#

Payer delivers secure and sustainable payments for digital commerce. Payer offers payment services such as Card Payment, Direct Bank Payment, Invoice, Factoring/Part Payment and Part Payment Products (Interest Free/Annuity) (via Collector Bank), Masterpass and Swish. All payment methods in an flexible all-in-one-solution, optimised for both for B2C & B2B. You choose the payment methods of you want to offer your customers.

Using Payer makes it easy to get started with Collectors Invoice & Part Payment. As a bonus, you get all other payment methods in the same solution and integration.

Website: Contact us on to get the best and easy way to get started with Collectors payment methods.

How to install module:#

We have several modules for different open-source plattforms, integrated solutions with web store partners and several APIs for different plattforms. Contact us for more information about how to setup Collector with Payer - then sign one digital agreement and start taking payments!

Customer types supported#

TypeAvailable Countries


FunctionalityIs Available
Get Address (SE)
Activate Invoice
Part Activate Invoice
Full returns
Part returns
Discounts after activation
Cancel Pending Invoices
Change Pending Invoices
Extend due date
View invoice in backend
Resend invoice by e-mail