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Go-Live Checklist

Before we can inspect and approve your integration with our Walley Checkout, you need to ensure that all check boxes below have been marked. Please go through the list and if you have any questions, feel free to contact us!

  • Do you save the public token-session and use it throughout the interaction with Walley? The public token is valid for 7 days. Read more at Render the checkout iFrame
  • Do you always issue a GET-request to get the to get the latest customer and purchase information when receiving the notification callback?
  • Do you keep the amount of requests to our API on a necessary level? For example handle the update fees and cart separately as stated in our documentation
  • Have you sent in a correct page for terms of purchase?
  • Do you render our checkout Iframe on your confirmation page correctly?
  • If use of validate-callback, make sure the response is in accordance to our documentation
  • Have you contacted to verify the integration?
  • Have you made an announcement that you are live with Walley? Example PDF in Swedish