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First of all you will need access to our environments. Contact Walley Merchant Services to acquire access to our Merchant Hub where you can create new API credentials to get started.

To get hold of API keys - login to Merchant Hub in Test or PROD and create one as described here
+46 10 161 01 25

Once you have the credentials follow these steps:

  1. Initialize a Checkout Session
  2. Render the Checkout iframe on your page
  3. Set up a callback notification endpoint to which the Walley Checkout will send notifications for events that occur in the Checkout
  4. Acquire information about a Checkout Session to obtain information about the customer, delivery address, delivery contact details and the purchase
  5. Manage the order perform captures/partcaptures/refunds/part refunds and cancels of orders

For security reasons, all communication with the Checkout API must be performed from your backend. Checkout sessions should never be initialized from client side code, as this would mean that clients using the Checkout could acquire your authentication credentials.