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Manage API keys

Create API keys that are used to acquire tokens that can be used to access our different APIs

Create API Keys

You can have a maximum of two API keys active at the same time.

  1. Navigate to manage access page
  2. Select the API keys tab
  3. Click the "Create" button and select API key
  4. Label (optional) your key with something you can use to distinguish this key
  5. Set an expiration date when the key should expire
Security note

Unlimited is not a recommended expire time. Best practise is to implement rotation of your keys and set an expiration time of 6 months.

Remove API keys

Please note! This is a destructive operation. Proceed with care.

  1. Find the API key you wish to remove in the list
  2. Click the remove button on that row
  3. Confirm the delete is correct