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Create Pay Link

This guide shows how to create a Pay Link

Click on the Pay Link main menu to show all Pay Links created for your organisation and permissions.

Step 2 - Enter articles

  1. Click on the New Pay Link button to open a modal where you can enter articles.
  2. Select the desired currency
  3. Enter as many articles as you want. These will be visible to the end customer.
  4. Click the Next button
  1. Select the store where you want this purchase registered on.
  2. Optionally enter the order number that you later can use to track this order on.
  3. Click the Create button to create the Pay Link.

Once the Pay Link is created, a view with the details and a modal is presented to distribute the Pay Link to an end customer. You can choose to either use our text message function to distribute the link via text message to the end customer, or copy the link to email it or send it through another channel.

  1. Enter the end customers phone number
  2. Click Send

Step 5 - End customer completes the purchase

The end customer receives the Pay Link and navigates to it in a browser on their tablet, phone or desktop. Once the customer has completed the purchase an order will be created and a link to the order is visible on the Pay Link details page.

Please note

You will manually need to refresh the page pressing F5 to see the new status.